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Do you have FOMO (fear of missing out)? I typically don't; I am happy with what the day brings. Except when I am in Yellowstone or the Tetons. For what ever reason, when I am there, once I leave a sighting I am almost panicked that I am about to, or, that I am, missing the coolest thing ever. Even if I just saw the coolest thing ever. I am grateful for every minute I get to spend in these two parks it just never feels like it is enough. At the end of August, the bison rut is in full swing, the elk and bears are scarce but if you are really lucky, a wolf or two might come into your view.

Yellowstone and the Tetons are two of my favorite places on earth. Breathtaking scenery, wildlife galore, crazy people (jk, this is not one of the things I like but realize it is part of the experience if you are going during the summer).

As exciting as it was to see a Black Bear and her three cubs I felt bad for the bears and the rangers. As the rangers are telling everyone to get in their cars (which is where I am taking this shot from) a couple people walked towards the bears with iphones at the ready and when the ranger told them to get back to their car, their reply was, "we just want to get a picture first". Maybe wildlife IQ tests are in order before you are allowed into parks with wildlife?

Since most of the west is on fire right now, the Tetons had completely disappeared from sight. Visibility was pretty horrible in both parks but we still loved every minute of it. This is a mix of early morning fog and smoke in Hayden Valley.

One of the highlights of our trip, getting to spend about 3 hours watching the Junction Pack try to take down an injured bison calf who was being protected by a very large bull. They were unsuccessful while we watched but getting to see most of the pack and three puppies made for a great morning. We were very far away and this is shot with a 600 mm lens and cropped.

While watching Trumpeter Swans, two Bison decided to swim across the Yellowstone River. At one point, it seemed the current was starting to take them further down than they wanted but these big animals powered to shore while we quickly retreated from our spot near the swans. Bison image shot at 600 mm and cropped.

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