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18 bears, but who's counting?

What a bear extravaganza!! Black bears with coy (cubs of the year), a cinnamon bear, grizzlies and cubs in Yellowstone and the Tetons. We counted 18 different bears this trip! We also saw a bison (just kidding, tons of bison!) Not every sighting is a picture perfect moment and we didn't get to photograph all the bears we saw but it was amazing to start to count and realize how many different bears we saw this time!

We spent a morning watching the cub sleeping in the branches of this pine tree about 40 feet off the ground and when it finally woke, it was casually wandering around the tree at 40 feet off the ground! It finally decided to check out it's mom and after a bit of nursing they wandered off into the forest.

Raspberry and Snow, the famous mother/daughter duo in Yellowstone, supposedly snow is the slacker bear in Yellowstone; staying a year longer with mom than typical. (Not long after this sighting we heard that they have finally parted ways). As luck would have it; we parked in the right place at the right time. As Raspberry and Snow came closer to the road and rangers made everyone get back in their vehicles, our car was parked right where Raspberry and Snow came down the hill to the road to get the road kill gift of a marmot.

This grizzly and her two cubs were on a mission and moving fast. Not sure if there was a big boar in the area or she just had places to be. They stopped at the top of this hill for only a moment and then disappeared down the other side and out of sight.

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