Silver Lake Reflections, 2016

Silver Lake is locate by the Solitude Nordic Center up Big Cottonwood Canyon just outside Salt Lake City, UT. This pretty little lake has a boardwalk and trail all the way around it, making it very accessible for pretty much anybody. For those who want to hike; there are several more lakes up above this one, the closest being about 2 miles in and out. I arrived for sunrise and was surprised to find several people had beat me to the lake, not to take pictures but to fish! Hat's off to them; I though only us photo geeks were up and out at the crack of dawn!

Wild Horses, 2016

We decided that we needed to see some wild horses while in Yellowstone (makes sense, right?) so one day, we drove over to Cody, Wyoming to see if we could find the McCullough Peaks Wild Horses. Rumor has it that these horses are descendants of the horses from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show from the 1800's. The BLM describes their location on their website, (it was a little harder to find them than we thought it would be) After driving around and trying three different gates, we finally found a part of the herd. We were surprised at how healthy they look (there really doesn't seem to be any grass here; just dirt, rocks and a ton of weeds

Wolves, bison and bears, oh my!, 2016

Yellowstone National Park, the landscapes and animals that dreams are made of! Love this place! Summer is in full swing here, the animals are out in forces as well as crazy people chasing them down for the perfect picture with their i-phone (not kidding, we really did see this!) I think people have forgotten that wild animals are WILD, unpredictable and dangerous. And, that most of those crazy close shots are not from an i-phone but from a telephoto lens! I also think people have forgotten how to be kind and considerate as well; yes I am talking to you, the guy in the green shirt with the long grey pony tail who set up his shot DIRECTLY in front of me instead of beside me, where there was ro

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