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MOAB (Mother of all Blizzards)

What started out as a quick weekend in Yellowstone turned into a week snowed in in Yellowstone. The night before we were supposed to leave a massive snowstorm blew into the area; driving snow and wind shut down the roads out of West Yellowstone. For three days the wind and snow raged; it never stopped. We were able to rent a couple additional days of snowcoaches and hotel rooms as no one was getting in so that made it bearable but there really is something odd about being snowed in somewhere. We spent a day in town doing the Wolf and Grizzly discovery Center and then went into the park for two additional days. Hey, when you are trapped in West Yellowstone you make the most out of being trapped near one of the greatest places on earth!

This is our full size pickup truck buried in the parking lot of our motel. They kept promising to help us dig out, they never did. Thankfully a good samaritan helped my hubby dig out, I think it took them over 2 hours!

One of the coolest things I have ever seen in Yellowstone was a Pine Martin chasing a Snowshoe Hare for about 45 minutes. There were several times we thought the hare had gotten away but in the end his insistence to go back to the same place became his downfall. We were lucky to see this the day before the snowstorm hit, I'm pretty sure the snowflakes were as big as the pine martin!

This bison image gives you an idea of the snow falling. This would be during the less intense portions of the storm. Any shots we attempted during white out conditions are pretty bad.

Our last afternoon in the park and we finally had no snow! And, a beautiful fox! I think foxes are my favorite animals in the snow.

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