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Escalante Grand Staircase

A sister trip, we headed to Escalante Grand Staircase to hike and photograph. Scenic Byway 12 is a stunning drive; I could spend days just doing that road. The towns of Escalante and Boulder were still sleeping; we were there a week before it starts to get busy. The visitor center in Escalante is a great source of information and worth a stop before you venture out. We stayed at Rainbow Country Bed & Breakfast, Katherine is a wonderful hostess; breakfast is tasty and filling and as you start your day she makes sure you know where you are going, advising about weather, trails and road conditions. Our room was comfortable and the sitting area was a nice place to hang out and rest after a day of hiking, photographing and site seeing.

Escalante Grand Staircase is remote and beautiful with wide open views, plateaus, white, pink, red and brown cliffs, slot canyons, scenic drives and no one around for miles most of the time. It is beautiful country that deserves to be protected. It is harsh country that deserves to be respected. Our first time here but not our last, it definitely needs further exploration.

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