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Jackson, WY, 2016

I just got done with a Jennifer King photography workshop ( in Jackson, WY. It was, awesome! Jennifer King and her staff are amazing; great tutorials, new ideas how to shoot and perfect settings! The only thing not cooperating was the sky! Brilliant blue and no clouds to be seen for miles! In landscape photography speak, this is not good. But, we persevered (pre-4 am wake up calls, anyone!) and I still think we got some great images and mother nature threw us a bone one afternoon for about 20 minutes (then, the clouds disappeared!) But, how can you not win with the

Tetons as a background?

Teton sunrises and sunsets, picturesque abandoned farms, the bison herd frolicking in Teton National Park while a lone Pronghorn watches the action. Horses grazing under Teton mountains. Bliss!

We stayed at Cowboy Village,, they were rustic, old school cabins that are clean and comfortable with a very friendly staff. Fairly budget stay (in Jackson, this is hard to come by!)

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