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Monument Valley, 2016

Monument Valley; Navajo Land. Iconic, sandstone images, the Forrest Gump highway and a short side trip to Canyon de Chelly. Beautiful photography locations made even better when attending a Mylo Fowler photography workshop Mylo is a stunning photographer with an uncanny eye and incredible understanding of light. I would attend every workshop he leads if I could. I come away from his workshops even more excited about photography and I always learn something new. We stayed at Gouldings Lodge, it was quiet, clean, comfortable and the staff was friendly. Anytime you get to walk in Ansel's footsteps and have Mylo by your side to help guide you; you are in good company.

Our weather was crazy, ranging from 40 mph winds, to snow, rain and sun. It made for dramatic skies and shaky tripods at times!

Forrest Gump highway; 1st view of Monument Valley through a crazy dust storm!

Sunset at the Mittens; the shadow only happens twice a year, early spring and late fall. We were so lucky the sun came out for the approximate 5 seconds that it did or we wouldn't have been able to get this picture.

Moon over Totem Pole, you need to be escorted by a Navajo to this area as it is on private land. We were the only ones there for sunrise. so beautiful and peaceful.

Photographers or aliens? This late at night, I would bet crazy photographers!

Canyon de Chelly

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