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Wild Horses and Wild Eye

Wild horses and Wild Eye SA. A journey to the desert to take the Wild Eye guys to see their first Wild Horses. As we drive through the vast openess Gerry and Jono take in the wide open spaces and marvel at the scale of it. What seems to go on forever stops abruptly at the Sheeprock Mountains rising out of the desert floor. A perfect backdrop for spending the morning looking for wildlife.

Our first wild horses are the skittish ones. The ones who take off at the sight of a vehicle within binocular range (on our end). We are excited that we found some so quickly and are hopeful that we will find more. We drive past pronghorn antelope; I always feel like they are showing off their speed even when they run away at what is probably a trot.

We come across a small group; Old Man is there. He's a white stallion who has seen better days but his presence in the desert has become expected and comforting. I look for him every time I go out and when I find him, I am happy to see him. He pulls you in, there is something about him that makes you forget the other horses near him. He walks almost to us, stops to give us a look over and then moves on. We decide to do the same.

We can see more horses in the distance and head their way. We find a small band lazily eating grass who seem not to care that we have stopped to watch them. A black stallion stands on the periphery of the herd, oozing bad ass-ed-ness (is this a word?) and a nonchalant attitude at the same time. He is one of the most impressive horses I have ever seen. Stately, beautiful and wild, he stands alone, his magnificence on display.

We slowly walk out toward them; some casually watch us while others ignore us. This group is mellow; mostly mares standing near foals sleeping in the grass while they eat. Black stallion's harem most likely. We hang with them a while and then head home.

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